Hi, I am Anthony Trimble. SEO specialist, Website Designer, Joomla Developer. I love building Websites and SEO work. Search engine optimization has been a passion for years now.

Anthony Trimble's Bio:

My name is Anthony Trimble, A highly motivated Advisor, seeking to help clients grow their businesses by expanding their web presence. A Consultant, both innovative and dedicated, ready to tailor web marketing campaigns to suit individual Client needs. Not a believer in a "one size fits all strategy," but a believer that each business has unique customers, which entail unique outreach strategies. With over fifteen years of experience with website design, and over five years of experience with website promotion, a strong advocate of leveraging the power of the Internet to grow a business. Passionate about social media, seeks to find ways to engage current and potential customers through a variety of websites, including Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Google +, Pintrest, Instagram, Klout, and Empire Avenue. Relentlessly keeping up with social media trends and finding the best outlets to promote the businesses of Clients. Works one on one with Clients to understand their vision, and present that vision to targeted audiences via carefully constructed websites, search engine optimization (SEO) and social media optimization (SMO).


Intimately familiar with the power of SalesForce.com (SFDC), encourages and helps customers to manage customer relationships via this cloud based customer relationship management platform. Works with Clients to implement SFDC, and leverage its many powerful features. With over three years of experience with SFDC, customizes each SFDC instance to meet Client needs. Provide guidance on how to integrate SFDC into core business processes, allowing for greatly enhanced tracking, monitoring, and execution of sales activities.

Anthony Trimble's Experience:

  • President | Lead Project Manager at Element Applications, Inc

    - Strategic Consulting, including business plan & sales strategy - Web site traffic growth, web site UI and advertising revenue. - Lead Generation and overall Vertical Development

  • IT Consultant at Swyft Technology

  • President | Lead Project Manager at Element Apps

    -Own and Operate an IT consulting firm. We specialize in custom development for Web/Mobile/Salesforce. Leveraging HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, jQuery Mobile, Apex and Visualforce. In conjunction with our Development Services, we offer Internet identity creation and management. Consulting to companies seeking to expand their online presence through a combination of search engine optimization (SEO) and social media optimization (SMO). Create customized strategies to reach more people within a target group, thereby increasing brand recognition and exposure on the Internet. -Work with social media tools (ex. HootSuite, SocialBro, Pinerly, etc.) to manage outreach efforts via social media websites, and to monitor and gauge the effectiveness of social media strategies. Dynamically change social media outreach methods to adjust to new trends and emerging websites. -Social media campaign creation and execution, including the building of entire websites, landing pages and/or integrating interactive "widgets" to increase customer engagement, increase social virality, and enhance the user's experience. Also implementing social media analytics (ex. Facebook Insights, Google Analytics, etc.) to measure campaign effectiveness.

  • IT Consultant at Swyft Technology

    -Created a website and landing page dedicated to a mobile software product line in order to market via SEO and SMO. The website, powered by the Joomla CMS, includes SalesForce web-to-lead API integration, social sharing tools on all main pages, Google Analytics, and automatic distribution system (ADS) for blogs and posts to certain categories. -Manage and monitor social media marketing efforts, leveraging Facebook, Google+, Twitter, CapLink, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Leverage social media websites to communicate to target customer group (enterprise executives) and network with potential industry partners. -Setup HootSuite group within the corporation for assigning of roles and approval/distribution of posts across all major social media sites.

  • Webmaster / Social Media Manager / SFDC Administrator at Activated Designs

    - Manage Company Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Linkedin pages. Posts are scheduled and campaigns are created to coincide with new product launches or specials. Implemented Vertical Response as an email marketing software and integrated it with SalesForce.com. 9,000 customers, separated into their respective segments, are now actively emailed. Create custom landing pages for user call-to-action. The data from each form is posted to SalesForce.com using the Web-To-Lead API, simultaneously updating all campaign analytics in SalesForce.com and Google. - Built Company website based on the Joomla CMS. Coding technologies used are HTML, JavaScript, XML, and PHP. Apache module mod_rewite is used for URL manipulation which greatly improves SEO. Many portions of the website are entirely built from CSS, using only DIV tags with ID's and classes, rarely using TABLE, and leveraging CSS, thereby facilitating faster load times and easier manipulation of graphics/type/page layout, etc. - Built custom Force.com native applications for Project Management and Shipping, resulting in the consolidation of two systems (Central Desktop and SFDC) and the reduction of duplicate data entry and data loss, while at the same time, greatly improving efficiency and communication between the Front Office and Manufacturing. Moreover, added new features such as package tracking from within SalesForce.com and implemented native quoting system.

  • President at Element Computers

    - Owned and operated a 4,000 sq. ft. Computer Retail / Repair location. The location retailed laptops, custom-built desktops, PC accessories, office supplies, ink, toner, cables, video games and other general consumer electronics. In addition, the location retailed used electronic equipment online via an Ebay Storefront. - Managed three employees who repaird on average 100+ computers a month, provided remote IT support, and answerd general IT questions for approximately 4,500 customers. Provided in-shop IT services and purchasing for local businesses and municipalities, including the City of Fillmore and the City of Santa Paula.

  • Owner at SCV Tech Support

    -Started a company which provided in-home and on-site technical support for residential customers and small businesses. -Performed website design work for both businesses and personal websites (such as a local food guide). This company was later merged into Element Computers.

  • IT Consultant at 1-800-Company

    - Built a relational database application for the tracking of orders, which is still in use. All orders are entered into this system. The database is comprised of a split MS Access front-end with a SQL back-end, and includes a custom-built UI in Access (VB and ActiveX controls throughout). This enables users to publish data to the company Intranet within the database via a single click. Built a custom reporting system within the database with the ability to view, print, and export reports to Excel. - Provided technical support to office and managerial staff and assisted with the management of company file and application servers. Assisted with integration of new computers and printers into the network

Anthony Trimble's Education:

  • College of the Canyons


Anthony Trimble's Interests & Activities:

Camping, Photography, and the Joomla CMS